Land Use Joint Planning Team
Land Use Planning efforts are lead by a Joint Planning Team composed of Constance Lake First Nation representatives with representatives of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The Band Council has named the following persons to this Planning Team;
Community representatives
Stanley Stephens; Elder representative
Jemima Baxter; Women representative
Amber Sutherland Youth representative
Derek Ineese; Trapper’s Council representative
Raymond Stephens; ATK and Trappers’ Council Coordinator

CLFN Land Use Planning Employees;

Bertha Sutherland; Chair & Land Use Planning Specialist
Vanessa Ineese; Land Use Specialist Assistant
Sharleen Neegan ; Liaison

Ontario representatives (employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources);
Chris Marr; Far North Senior Planning Coordinator
Mélanie Johnson; Information Management Specialist
Louis Corbeil; District Community Liaison Officer

In December 2010, CLFN set up a « Resource Development Program”. One of the pillars of this Program is the establishment of a Land Use Plan for the Community’s Traditional territories.

Joint Team Mission; Members represent a wide range of interest and different segments of the population including youth, elders, Leadership, trappers and woman. The MNR District Community Liaison Officer is also part of the Joint Planning Team.
The members provide accountability to the Community as well as advice and support to the key players and employees working on LUP. Through regular meetings they receive reports and accounts of the work done and steer the employees in accordance with the established work plan. They ensure that;

• Terms of Reference for a Land Use Plan is drafted, presented to the Leadership and then to the Community.

• Educational and Community Workshops are well organized and held in a timely fashion.

• ATK data collection is carried out, digitized and stored correctly.

• An ATK Library as well as a map room is established so that the data collected can be readily available to the Community.

• Information sharing protocols are developed with Ontario in order to ensure effective Land Use Planning and Management

• A Community genealogy study is undertaken

In summary, the Land Use Joint Planning Team is primarily responsible for providing support, receiving and reviewing the work by LUP employees working on LUP, assuring the quality of the work and that the results are communicated effectively to the Community and the Leadership.

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