******PHOTO CONTEST – 300$ IN PRIZES******

We are looking for great photos to be published on the Constance Lake Land Use Blog.

The photos must represent the forest or traditional activities in the forest in Constance Lakes Traditional Area

There are prizes to be won!


  • The contest is open to CLFN members on or off the reserve.
  • Location of photo taken and date must be provided when sending photo(s).
  • Each photo must be submitted in digital form before September 30th at noon.
  • Scanned non-digital photos can be submitted.
  • Maximum of five photos per person can be submitted.
  • Photo can be hand delivered to the Native Values Office where it will be scanned and returned to the owner.
  • Submit a vignette with each photo (Short description).
  • With submission include; your name, email or regular mail address, phone number and where was photo taken (GPS coordinates accepted).
  • For photo in which a person is recognisable, a release from that person must be provided.

Send your photos(s) at; vanessa.ineese@clfn.on.ca.

Prizes; The author of the winning photo will get 100$, second prize $75, third prize of $50   There will also be a prize of 50$ drawn amongst all participants.


Photos will be judged on:

• Image quality                   10 pts

• Esthetic beauty               10 pts

• Originality                         10 pts

• Vignette                             10 pts

• Overall appreciation   60 pts

Total:                                   100 pts

For more information write to or call Vanessa Inesse;    vanessa.ineese@clfn.on.ca    705-463-2405

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